2022 International Conference on Energy and Power Engineering (EPE 2022)
Prof. Santhanam Harikrishnan


Santhanam Harikrishnan.png

Prof. Santhanam Harikrishnan, Kings Engineering College, India

He is an active researcher in the fields of phase change materials, nanofluids, and supercapacitors. He has published many papers in refereed journals, and in conference proceedings. He guided two Ph.D. scholars successfully in the fields of phase change materials and nanofluids. He is also one of the editorial team members in two Scopus indexed journals, and one in the SCI-E journal. He served as the panel session chair, reviewer, and Managing Guest Editor for four international conference proceedings. (more)

Research Areas:

① Thermal Energy Storage

② Nanofluids

③ Supercapacitor

Speech Title: Thermal characteristics of nanomaterials embedded phase change materials (NePCMs)

Abstract:A primary intricacy for solar thermal systems, such as solar energy storage for buildings, is the requirement of thermal energy during peak demand hours. With complicated environmental and climatic conditions constantly changing, the amount of solar energy available for use is extremely limited. Solar energy storage technologies are presently the subject of a great covenant of investigation. Latent thermal energy storage (LTES) systems have received more attention from researchers than sensible thermal energy storage (STES) because of their high energy density. Phase change materials (PCMs) employed in LTES for larger-scale applications are limited due to their low thermal conductivities. To address this above-cited issue, nanomaterials are suspended to accelerate the energy storage/release rate capabilities. The thermal properties of the pure PCMs were improved by the dispersion of nanomaterials. Herein, the preparation, characterization, and applications of NePCMs will be delivered during the forum.